5 Misconceptions About Broadway

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Whether you’ve seen a Broadway show or not, you’re likely to know that there are some common stereotypes about the theater. Tickets, people claim, are always hundreds of dollars. The actors are rich and spoiled. Some believe that Broadway is a good way to lose money, while others think it’s something only the elderly enjoy. Here’s 5 myths that are easy to debunk.

1. Tickets Are Always Expensive

Probably the most common misconception is that it’s hard to get inexpensive tickets for Broadway shows. The reality is that there are options for cheaper seats, and there are also lotteries. With so many shows, you’re sure to find at least one within your budget.

2. Broadway Actors Are Rich

That’s not the reality for most. Broadway actors put in long hours and perform multiple times per week. They’re only paid so long as a show goes on in most cases, so if the show ends, they have to find a new gig.

3. Broadway is for the elderly

Broadway is for everyone. Yes, there are Broadway shows aimed at an older audience, set in the 20’s, 30’s or 40’s. There are also shows for young people, like Rock of Ages, Mama Mia! or Avenue Q. For children, shows like Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid are good options.

4. Broadway is Only for Musicals

This isn’t true. Broadway is home to plays, musicals, dramas and one-person shows, depending on the venue.

5. Broadway is a Dying Breed

Broadway has long-lasting, popular shows, and it’s definitely not going anywhere any time soon.

So put all these myths and stereotypes aside and don’t let them stop you from appreciating Broadway theater. Just book your tickets now and enjoy the show!

Famous People Who have Appeared on Broadway

Did you know that some of the most talented television and movie stars also appeared on Broadway? Unlike recorded films on the screen, live shows night after night can be very different with each performance, and that takes amazing acting skills. Let’s see how these famous names took the New York stage!

1. Dick Van Dyke

This Mary Poppins actor’s career took off when he starred as the lead role in the Broadway production Bye Bye Birdie from 1960-1961, even though he didn’t think he could dance!

2. Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah’s dynamic film career originated as a Broadway star at age 11. She acted leads in The InnocentsAnnie, and later, The Heidi Chronicles.

3. Tom Selleck

Our favorite Blue Bloods police chief took the live Broadway stage as Murray in a revival of A Thousand Clowns. The show had mixed reviews, but those who enjoyed it especially liked Selleck’s interpretation.

4. Nicole Kidman

The Australian-American beauty starred in the Broadway show The Blue Room. Rumors have it she’s returning to the stage to stay closer to the family!

5. James Earl Jones

Who knew the voice of Darth Vader could win a Tony Award? Yet, that’s exactly what James Earl Jones did – twice – in his lead Broadway roles for The Great White Hope and Fences. He was also nominated for two more.

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The Longest Running Shows on Broadway and Why You Need to See Them Now

There’s a good reason why only the best of the best makes it to Broadway, let alone for a really long time! These longstanding shows are definitely worth it to watch if you haven’t yet.

1. Phantom of the Opera

What theater buff doesn’t have the Phantom of the Opera inside their mind? Since its opening in 1988, the original production has performed more than a staggering 11,000 shows and continues to impress those in the Great White Way to this day. Did you know that Phantom of the Opera was inspired by a novel? Amazing!

2. The Lion King

Since its debut in 1997, this Disney Broadway classic has become as legendary as the movie itself! It’s also very suitable for the whole family to enjoy.

3. Chicago

This famous production all started way back in  1975 and was revived in 1996. It currently holds first place as the longest-running revival ever and won a Tony Award for Best Revival of a Musical. Chicago’s musical track is memorable and is the perfect after dinner show to watch for adult audiences to make the evening special!

4. Wicked

Another family-friendly favorite, Wicked has often been hailed in the Broadway world for its creative take on a familiar subject. The production has performed more than 5,500 times since its first run in 2003!

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What Are the Differences Between Broadway and Off-Broadway Productions?

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If you’re getting ready to attend your first professional show or you simply want to see all the spectacle New York City has to offer, you might have some ideas about what makes Broadway… well, Broadway. Some think this label pertains only to the theaters situated directly on that iconic street, while others are convinced that anything less than Broadway simply isn’t worthwhile. In today’s post, we’re talking a bit more about Broadway vs. Off-Broadway — and why these designations may not mean exactly what you always believed.

“They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway…”
Broadway shows and tickets are often considered the cream of the crop. These shows do have bigger production budgets, draw bigger crowds, and attract bigger names. But really, the criteria of what makes a Broadway show doesn’t merely come down to talent or location.

  • A Broadway theater must have 500 seats or more
  • The Broadway League determines which theaters are deemed “Broadway houses” — there are 41 of them, owned by 10 different organizations
  • Broadway houses don’t have to be located right on Broadway, but they do have to be in the Theatre District (most are located in Midtown Manhattan from West 41st through West 52nd Streets between the Avenue of the Americas and Ninth Avenue)
  • Because these houses have more tickets to sell, the performers are paid more (in most cases); this also means that if you want to buy Broadway show tickets, the average cost is going to be a bit higher than you’ll find with off-Broadway productions

But Off-Broadway doesn’t mean it’s somehow “less than!”
Some patrons will assume that buying off Broadway show tickets means the show will somehow be less professional or enjoyable. But that’s truly not the case at all. Some of the longest-running, most beloved shows have been found off-Broadway, including Forbidden BroadwayStompThe Fantasticks, and Blue Man Group. In addition, countless Broadway hits got their starts Off-Broadway; some audiences were lucky enough to see those early productions in more intimate spaces before these productions became world-famous!

  • Off-Broadway houses have between 100-499 seats
  • These theaters must be located within New York City; most can be found on the Upper West Side, Greenwich Village, and on the East Side
  • As of 2018, there were 85 or so off-Broadway houses (some of which have more than one show playing at once), which means patrons actually have more opportunities to see off Broadway musicals and plays than ones actually on Broadway
  • Off Broadway show tickets are typically a bit more affordable (since budgets are lower), but that may not always be the case, since the seating capacity is also less than a Broadway house

…And then there’s Off-Off-Broadway.
Off-Off-Broadway tends to be the butt of the joke, but it’s THE place to go if you’re up for experimental theatre or want to see a show you won’t soon forget. These shows actually began as an anti-commercialized movement that now makes interesting productions more accessible to the masses.

  • These theaters have 98 seats or fewer, making for an intimate atmosphere
  • Off off Broadway show tickets tend to be quite inexpensive
  • Off-Off-Broadway houses (of which there are about 120) can be located anywhere in NYC

While Broadway shows tend to get a lot of the attention, that’s not to say that off Broadway show tickets can’t offer an amazing experience. No matter your tastes, we know you’ll find something incredible to see in the Big Apple. Looking for the best place to buy Broadway show tickets (or even tickets for shows outside of the Great White Way)? We’ve got you covered. Get started by browsing our available show titles or contact one of our customer service representatives today.

How Hamilton Became One of the Biggest Broadway Hits

It may seem like Hamilton emerged as a powerful Broadway hit overnight. But in truth, the remarkable musical’s long journey from inspiration to the stage actually took 14 years! It all started when Ron Chernow’s #1 New York Times Bestselling biography “Alexander Hamilton” hit the bookshelves in 2004. And then in 2008, Lin-Manuel Miranda got a hold of the copy while vacationing on the pristine beaches in Mexico. That’s when the wheels turned and the journey to create the groundbreaking musical began.

Movement for Hamilton really took off in 2009 when Miranda performed a solo of his song “Alexander Hamilton” in the White House. It was received with standing ovation! The musical then secured an off-Broadway spot in 2014 and was so successful, it finally hit Broadway in 2015. What makes Hamilton particularly memorable is the unique blend of hip-hop and contemporary music performed by non-white actors in the Colonial American setting. “There’s been lots of theater that uses hip-hop in it, but more often than not, it’s used as a joke – isn’t it hilarious that these characters are rapping,” says Miranda. “I treat it as a musical form, and a musical form that allows you to pack in a ton of lyric.”

The show has reached Chicago, San Francisco, and Hollywood, and is currently making its rounds in a national tour. Take a look now on Ticketsbroadway.com today to snag a seat for this amazing musical while you can!

What Not To Do at a Broadway Show

Someone might think that following Broadway show etiquette rules is a tough act to follow, but it’s actually not hard. A bit of forethought, courtesy, and common sense are all that’s needed to adhere to protocols for the Great White Way. We outlined some things you don’t want to do for a Broadway show and what would be better instead.

During a Broadway Show, You Don’t Want to…

1. Chow on Chinese Food

Yes, there were theatergoers who actually did this in the middle of a show! And while you can buy beverages and candy at concessions, it’s honestly best to eat a meal at a nearby restaurant beforehand.

2. Get Out of Your Seat During the Show

Avoid getting out of your seat in the middle of an act at all costs – even a trip to the bathroom! Instead, make your rounds when you arrive before the show begins.

3. Bring Your Child Unprepared

Kids four and up are allowed in Broadway, but take precautions. Check if your child is able to sit quietly for a long time and if the production is kid-friendly beforehand.

4. Arrive Late!

If there’s one rule you walk away remembering, it’s this: never be late for a Broadway show. Ever. It’s not only rude, you won’t be allowed in after the show begins.

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Broadways Hidden Gems

When you think of Broadway these days, there are a number of titles that come to mind: Hamilton, obviously; Wicked, of course; The Book of Mormon, The Lion King, now both modern classics. But there are many other great musicals currently on Boradway that may not get the fanfare and name recognition of the aforementioned ones—but still yield a thrilling and rewarding experience in the world’s most renowned theater district. Below are some of the best and least talked about shows currently on Broadway.


Terrance McNally may be one of the finest playwrights who few people outside the theater industry know and this, among many other aspects, makes this popular modern fairy tale one of the best family-oriented shows to hit Broadway in many years. With great craftsmanship and music, it will be fun for all ages.

The Children

Set after a nuclear disaster, this play from England is as unsettling as it is brilliant, putting the audience on the edge of their seats as well as making a point about the state of the world today thanks to the Baby Boomer Generation. For a drama that is both provocative and entertaining, look no farther than “The Children.”


With music from the pop-star Sara Bareillas, who also stars in the musical, Waitress tells the story of an entrepreneurial woman who makes great pies despite being pregnant from an abusive husband and in love with her gynecologist. It’s a darkly comedic story of a woman trying to find her way out of the messy life she finds herself in.

3 Shows the Whole Family Will Enjoy

In the midst of our world filled with countless digital technologies, there remains nothing quite as thrilling as witnessing live theater, and especially Broadway. But while the Broadway world sometimes tackles tough controversies and strong adult content, that doesn’t mean the kiddos have to miss out on the best quality entertainment around. Here are our top 3 Broadway picks that are sure to please all ages and create lasting family memories to come.

3. Wicked

If you thought you knew everything about the witches of the North and East from the Wizard of Oz, think again. Full of wit and humor, this musical covers the intriguing backstory of Glenda and Elphaba. It’s perfect to introduce little ones to live theater and is also heralded by theater buffs for its smart storytelling.

2. The Lion King

This musical should definitely be on your bucket list! The mesmerizing costuming bursts with creativity on the stage and its coming of age story about father and son is a great bonding opportunity for kids and parents.

1. SpongeBob SquarePants

Yes, you read it right – the hilarious yellow sponge now hits the stage on Broadway! Watch your favorite Bikini Bottom characters come to life in a way like never before, will fresh creative music that meets a variety of tastes. It’s the perfect show for the young and young at heart!

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Broadway vs. Off Broadway – What’s the Difference?

You’ve heard the terms before: a Broadway show and an off-Broadway show. One has more clout while the other is often less expensive and sometimes more unique. What do these terms really mean? What is the difference? Why are some Broadway shows not located on Broadway in Manhattan? Pause. Take a deep breath. We have answers to all of your questions.


While the label Broadway obviously refers to the shows in theaters along Broadway in Manhattan, it doesn’t necessarily apply as strictly to that today, due to the fact that there are so many theaters that have these shows and they can’t all fit on Broadway itself. However, there are still some location requirements, namely that the theater is located on the island of Manhattan. Anywhere else, it’s technically Off-Broadway.


The number of seats also disseminates the type of show’s classification—that if the theater itself has over 500 seats, it is a Broadway show. If it has under 500 seats but more than 100 seats, it is an “Off-Broadway” show. If it is less than 100 seats, it’s technically “Off-off-Broadway.”

The Venue

The theater itself must host more plays and musicals than it does any other type of show. So, for example, a concert venue which is on Manhattan and has more than 500 seats can’t be a place where a Broadway show could be held, because it hosts concerts more than it does plays.

The 40 some odd theaters on Manhattan that qualify as Broadway theaters also make the plays and musicals that are performed within them eligible for The Tony Awards. Off-Broadway shows don’t qualify.

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Pre-Broadway Check List – What to do Before the Show

You’re in Manhattan, there’s bright lights in the big city and you have tickets to Hamilton or The Book of Mormon or Wicked or any of the other amazing Broadway shows playing that evening. Now what? There’s so much to do, but so little time before the show starts. Below are some basic things you want to do (and not do) before a Broadway show, so you can have the best experience possible.

Eat, Just a Little

Have something small to eat before the show, like an appetizer or a slice of pizza. This is so you don’t get hungry during the show or have to stand in line for overpriced concessions at the theater itself. Don’t eat a meal before, as this can put you to sleep, among other things. Also, by not eating before, you can go to dinner after and talk about the show. Which is another tip—get reservations at a restaurant for after the show.

Don’t Drink

Don’t drink before the show, for a number of reasons. For one, drinking might send you on several trips to the restroom, which means you’ll have to get up in the middle of the show, disturbing those around you and causing you to miss some of it. Drinking also makes you tired. Wait until after for that night cap!

Get into Your Seat Early

Get into your seat well before the show starts so you can get situated and get a sense of the crowd around you. There are few things better than a theater before a Broadway show begins.

So make this checklist before you buy your tickets at TicketsBroadway.com and enjoy the show!